CUPE offers a wide variety of workshops and different ways for members to access union education.

If you would like to attend a current local educational event, please contact your executive for information regarding registration, attendance and funding.

Upcoming Education Events 2019

  • March 26 to 27 Steward Learning Series  what stewards need to know about bargaining, popular economics, growing our mobilizing power -CUPE Saint John
  • April 29 to 30 Financial Officers  -Fredericton Inn
  • May 22 to 23 Steward Learning Series: representing gender and sexually diverse members, challenging racism in the workplace, ally skills for stewards  -Days Inn & Suites Moncton
  • June 1 to 2 Leadership Executive training: Leading as a team, Conflict-ready executives, duty of fair representation -CUPE Saint John
  • June 3 to 4 Health and Safety modules: recommendations and note taking, mobilizing around health and safety, workload and overwork  -CUPE Dalhousie
  • October 2-3 Steward Learning Series: Introduction to Stewarding
  • October 15-16 Santé et sécurité du travail (SST):
    La charge de travail et la surcharge de travail, Prévention de la violence, et Assurer le bon fonctionnement des comités
  • October 15-16 Transforming Conflict
  • October 26-27 Bargaining Program / LET: How Bargaining Works, Conflict-Ready Executives, and Leading as a Team
  • November 2-3 Health & Safety Modules: Work and Overwork, Violence Prevention and Making Committees Work
  • November 6-7 Local Executive Training (LET): Leading as a Team, and Mobilizing for Bargaining
  • November 19-20 Local Executive Training (LET): Financial Essentials and Financial Officers
  • November 25-26 Steward Learning Series (SLS): Popular Economics for Stewards, What Stewards need to know about Arbitration, and Growing our Mobilizing Power
  • November 27-28 Respect at Work and Essentials for Inclusive Unions
  • December 3-4 Formation pour l’exécutif des sections locales (FESL): L’essentiel du leadership pour les membres de l’exécutif
  • December 14-15 Local Executive Training (LET): Leadership Essentials

FOR ONLINE WORKSHOP REGISTRATION FORM AND COURSE DESCRIPTION, GO TO, select New Brunswick and PEI and click on the region of your choice. Please check with your Executive before registering.

The executive can also request that certain workshops be offered locally. If you have any suggestions, please refer to The CUPE National Catalogue of Workshops available here: