Elected MASA Executive members are:

  • Defenders of the rights outlined in the Collective Agreement
  • Someone to turn to for information and support when issues arise
  • Crucial in the grievance process, the key person who engages in problem-solving with management before the dispute is put into writing
  • The eyes and ears of the union in the workplace
  • For more details, see duties of officers

Your 2023-2024 Executive:

Tasha Hawkes, Computing Services
506-364-2413 | thawkes@mta.ca

Sally Smart, Financial Services
506-364-2443 | ssmart@mta.ca

Charline Kelly, Ron Joyce Center
506-364-2666 | chkelly@mta.ca

Recording Secretary:
Jessalyn Hart, Faculty of Social Sciences
506-364-2204 | jehart@mta.ca

Communications Officer:
KC Hingley, Music
506-364-2379 | khingley@mta.ca

Education Officer:
Curtis Michaelis, Registrar’s Office
506-364-2640 | cmichaelis@mta.ca

Grievance Officer:
Andrea deBruijn, Fine Arts
506-364-2495 | adebruijn@mta.ca

Membership Officer:
Alana Estabrooks
506-364-2214 | ajestabrooks@mta.ca